Fish & Shrimp

aquaponics greenhouse

Fish metabolize food and excrete toxic ammonia into their water.  This effluent is pumped into ZipGrow vertical towers or long 'deep water' troughs where bacteria convert it to nitrates which enrich and fertilize the roots of vegetables. Once plants have absorbed and purified the fertilized solution, fresh water returns to the fish and shrimp grow tanks.  Aquaponics allows an 80% reduction in water usage compared to field crops. Patented CO2 enrichment from growing Mushrooms results in faster growth and increased veggie yields (30% or More)


Zip Grow with Basil

 Aquaponics is the new 'green revolution' in sustainable organic food production. Veggies are grown densely in ZipGrow vertical towers or floating raft systems. The plant root and associated microorganisms in the water convert toxic ammonia waste from fish production into nitrates which provide plant nutrition.  Plants grow faster, more reliably, stay fresher with much longer growing seasons:  all with up to 90% less water and no chemical pesticides or herbicides. CO2 enrichment results from Mushroom cultivation and increases the Veggie production by 30% or more.

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Solar Greenhouses

solar greenhouse 1

Solar greenhouses using a combination of thermal stabilizing insulated back walls, ZipGrow vertical towers, deep water grow systems and advanced technology membranes & control systems are the future of sustainable food production.  With the challenges of global warming becoming more documented with each passing season, the need for reliable food production with a sustainable, water conserving protected and controlled environment becomes increasingly urgent. IGrowOrganic greenhouses have a patented unique system of CO2 enrichment for 30% or more increases in veggie production.