iGO Mushroom Grow Houses

Modular Mushroom Grow House

Growing oyster, shitake and other high-value mushrooms locally can be a powerful profit generator for the small farm; potentially exceeding the income from vegetable production. Modular Climate controlled mushroom houses maintain the critical mushroom growth parameters for maximum yields and can be built in a few days time.

Growing parameters for mushrooms are: Temperature, Humidity, light, ventilation and CO2 levels.  Depending upon the type of mushroom being grown these factors need to be controlled to optimize production.  Affordable system sensors and controllers are available to handle these issues. Also, ready to grow bags and 'logs' are available for oyster and shitaki mushrooms which start producing mushrooms in 10-12 days and completely crop in 30-60 days.  The combination of controlled conditions and ready to grow mushroom bags brings successful and profitable local mushroom production within the reach of the average person.

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10' x 10' x 10'  (3M x 3M x 3M)

List: $3,999.99

Sale: $3,499.99

You Save $500

20' x 10' x 10'  (6M x 3M x 3M)

List: $5,999.99

Sale: $5,499.99

You Save $500

40' x 10' x 10'  (12M x 3M x 3M)

List: $10,999.99

Sale: $9,999.99

You Save $500

Shitake and Oyster Mushroom

 Business Models

There are two primary ways (business models) to grow mushrooms.

1) Become a mushroom expert/specialist who starts with education in mycology/buys, builds and equips a mushroom grow structure/buys and builds  a laminar flow spawn production lab/or buys spawn/invests in expensive autoclaves/steam sterilization equipment/buys and sterilizes bags and substrate/inoculates the substrate/ and waits for the multiple stages of mycelial formation before harvest. (The Hard Way) 

2) Become a Profitable Producer who buys a low-cost iGrowMushroom Modular building with controllers which assembles in a few days and then buys pre-conditioned mushroom bags ready to fruit in 10-14 days and has a complete crop in 30-60 days for rapid return on investment and repeats for a great ongoing cash flow.  (the Easy Way). 

The Numbers

  • Bags cost 3.5-4 USD plus shipping (start producing mushrooms in 10-14 days) and average 1.1-1.5 lb/bag for shitake (60-75 days to fully crop) and .9-1.1 lb. /bag for oysters  (some varieties 30 days to fully crop/others 60 days)
  • A 20' mushroom grow room will hold approximately 1000 bags of shitake and slightly more oyster bags on racks
  • Oyster and shiitake mushrooms are currently selling for $10-$12 a pound retail, and $6 a pound wholesale.  Local pricing varies depending on multiple factors.
  • Since oyster mushrooms, in particular, don’t ship long distances well, stores and chefs prefer to buy from local growers.  Also, all material in the substrate and spawn are natural so acceptance is high.

Mushroom Grow houses come in two formats:

  • Flat roofed modular building which can be placed inside existing structures for added protection from sun/heat and wind/cold.  This acts to moderate the temperature and reduce energy costs.  Some light is needed for the late state fruiting for many varieties but Lights can be added for small additional cost.
  • Sloped roofed modular building which can be placed adjacent to the iGO single sloped solar greenhouse.  This allows the high levels of CO2 which are produced in the course of mushroom production (which usually need to be vented to the outside) to be added to the greenhouse to boost plant production by 30-50%.  This synergy will combine the profits from the mushroom production with the enhanced profitability from the vegetable production in the greenhouse.
  • iGrowOrganic has filed a patent for this novel and beneficial design.
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A classic Asian favorite popular with Oriental dishes

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Gray Oyster

A special variety which crops in 30 days

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Golden Oyster

Has the added value of healthful Carotenoids

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White and Brown Oyster

Varieties have been developed for cold and warmer production temps

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Raising the CO2 level to 1000-1200 ppm as many commercial greenhouses do routinely greatly enhances plant growth.

Sloped Roof Mushroom Grow House


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Flat Roof Mushroom Grow House


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