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iGO Backhoe

Our (walking excavator) is a very robust and easy to keep working device and is powered either by a 10Hp gasoline engine which powers the hydraulic pump or by the hydraulic pump attached to the walking tractor.  The device is moved by pulling or pushing with the bucket. When the tractor option is chosen, the tractor is attached to the mini excavator at the rear of the device and simply rolls along with the backhoe.




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List: $5.499.99

Sale: $4,499.99

You Save $1000.00

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The boom swing angle range measure a radius of 130 and 180 degrees on the two models as shown in the diagram above.

The mini excavator is equipped with two 'four-way' control lever steering for greatest ease of use and functionality.   The 12" wide bucket is standard but 16"/24" buckets and a 'ripper tooth' are available as optional extras.

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The device is made ready for transport by exchanging the back wheels with the front stabilizers and hitches to your tow truck, ATV, walking tractor etc. with a common 2" ball hitch.

The Backhoe is designed for digging attached to your tow vehicle, two wheel tractor or free-standing. Working independently, for lighter jobs, gives you great maneuverability but for ripping or lifting, it is better to leave the tow vehicle attached to provide extra weight and stability.