Blue Sky Carports

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Product Details

The strong, aluminum framework is powder coated for corrosion and oxidation resistance.

Polycarbonate sheeting cuts off ultraviolet ray and heat transfer, keeping your vehicle as cool as possible under strong direct sunlight. Also, prevents the surface-coating of vehicle from rapid deterioration under irradiation of strong ultraviolet ray.

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Roof Specs

The polycarbonate sheeting is flame resistant and here is no deformation and other changes from -40°C/-20°F to + 120 °C/269°F. Maximum windpressure resistance of polycarbonate sheet is 42m/130' sec. The height of snow load capacity is 35cm/14". It has a good impact resistance and sheds dust and dirt.

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Protection and Convenience

Protection against rain

Convenient when getting in/out of the car on rainy days, prevent moisture from entering into the car.

Self-cleaning function while raining.

Effectively inhibits high temperature inside your car due to solar radiation.

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Winter Benefits

Withstands severe frost and heavy snow loads

Prevents windshield frosting and accumulation of snow during snowstorm seasons.

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Gutter and Downspout

Gutter and Downspout help to reduce splashing and excess water from the carport roof


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