Blue Sky Greenhouse Features and Accessories

auto sensors and computer controllers k

Automatic Control Systems

  • Senses temperature, humidity, lighting, CO2 and weather
  • Control cabinet and computer controls
  • Fan, window, fertigation control
  • Provides optimal plant growing conditions

automated irrig k


Automated or manual irrigations systems

misting cooling systems k

Spray humidification cooling

A wide range of mist cooling device options available

evaporative cooling wall

Water curtain fan cooling

Cost effective evaporative cooling options for appropriate locations and indications

growing systems 1 k

Planting Systems

Stereo and hanging planting can increase surface area utilization by 3-5 times.

growing systems 3 k

Hydroponic Planting

Fertigation into coir planting medium combined with modern grafting technology and indeterminate growth varieties can product be massively profitable.

vertical grow systems k

Vertical Growing

Ground breaking vertical hydroponic/aquaponic/aeroponic growing systems can reduce water requirements by 95% compared to soil growing and increase production yields by 200-300% vs horizontal growing of green vegetables.

planting tables 2 k

Seedling tables

Seedling table equipment can be mobile for maximizing production per unit area.

interior shading 2 k

Interior Shading

Numerous manual and automatic interior shading options are available.

Ext shade systems k

Exterior Shading

Exterior shading options can be used depending upon local requirements for protection against excessive sun and heat accumulation in the greenhouse.

window ventilation k

Sidewall Ventilation

Sidewall window ventilation can be used in manual and automatic modes for the necessary ventilation and air movement required for best plant growth and health.

auto venting windows k

Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation options can be used in manual and automatic modes for the necessary ventilation and air movement in combination with fan/sidewall and end wall blowers for required temperature control.

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PV elec. systems k

Photovoltaic Energy

We can help with combining energy saving and potential off grid applications for long term energy security and sustainability.

gh heatersk kk


Overhead heaters can provide the necessary heat for frost protection and to maintain optimal growing temperatures for sensitive plants

indus. sized boilers k

Commercial Heaters

Our custom builds of large commercial projects benefits from our seasoned professional and highly competent engineering and design staff to handle very large projects.

auto nutrient dosing 2 k

Fertigation Systems

All sizes of automated fertigation systems are available for achieving high production yields, efficiency and profitability for clients.

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