Blue Sky Greenhouse

26 Years of Designing, Manufacturing and Building quality commercial greenhouses.

Maximum Value and Affordability

Optimal Efficiency and Profitability

Glass Greenhouse

  • Light transmittance over 90%
  • Service life: over 30 years


Solar Single Slope

Simple structure with good thermal insulation performance and fast heating.  All season growing possible with only sunlight in cold areas with little to no extra heating costs.  Proven with thousands of this design in service providing healthy, winter greens to millions


Polycarbonate Panel

  • Light transmittance over 80%
  • Service life: Main structure over 30 years/polycarbonate panel 10 years


Thin Film Membrane

  • Light transmittance 80-90%
  • Service life: Main structure over 30 years/thin film 2-3 years


Eco Restaurant

Garden Center and Restaurant Custom Design

Specialized Stadium and Large Arenas

Exhibition Halls


Accessories & Interior Fittings

Complete range of ventilation systems, heating/cooling options, sunshade equipment, fertigation and interior planting systems available.

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 Carport models offer rapid assembly of a strong long-lasting powder coated aluminum framework with polycarbonate roofing material.  Shields your car from both rain and the hot sun and protects your car's paint finish from damaging u/v rays.

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