Science Grow Bio-Nutrients

Science Grow is a liquid organo-mineral bio-fertilizer which provides plants with everything they require on demand; enzymes, amino-acids, micro-elements, macro-elements, auxins [plant hormones], vitamins, humic acids, fulvic acids, crenic acids, hormone producing substances etc.) enabling them to resist disease and develop at an accelerated rate.  When used in conjunction with best no-till practices and diverse cover crops, the natural biological structure and living soil ecology is restored and regenerated.  Carbon content is increased, water infiltration improved and productivity is turbo-charged.

Plants’ immune systems are stimulated by Science Grow to produce more phytoalexins (plant antibiotics) when under attack which enhances the defense dramatically.  Science Grow accelerates development by providing the optimal nourishing conditions. Plants with larger, fleshier, more numerous leaves, stimulate a higher quantity and quality of produce. The growth gap of stressed, overworked land, can be regenerated in an extremely short period.

Science Grow is completely natural and has been approved by the Biologic Agricolture,, an internationally recognized organic classification authority.


As Science Grow increases the number and size of the leaves, it directly stimulates the production of chlorophyll, which in turn builds up the number of chloroplasts, while increasing their efficiency. With a greater surface area exposed to sunlight, more energy is captured. This energy is utilized more effectively now because the principle nutrients are available and assimilable and the chlorophyll has its’ chloroplasts working at maximum efficiency. In these conditions crops can grow stronger in all aspects, in particular:

  • Cells are larger.
  • Cuticles are thicker and stronger and so less vulnerable to disease and phytophagous (insect) attacks.
  • Lymphatic vessels get bigger enabling more efficient lymph circulation thereby consuming less energy.
  • Plant fibers expand in size due to the increased levels of sugars, cellulose fibers, lignin, vitamins, mineral salts, organic acids, etc  Science Grow treated crops are robust, they have improved ability to resist extreme weather such as drought, temperature variance, extreme temperatures, wind and high moisture content (air and soil) along with faster recuperation from hail damage. This prolongs the harvesting period and provides more effective quality control and higher product standards.