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Plastic Mulch Layer

List: $699.99

Sale: $549.99

You Save $150

The Plastic Mulch Layer is useful and labor saving attachment for small-scale farmers or professional growers.  It accommodates 4-foot wide plastic mulch and is often used for laying plastic mulch over 30'' raised garden beds,


According to soil types and conditions, adjustments will need to be made so the plastic mulch is properly laid and the closing discs properly cover the edges of the plastic.  The "openers" (opens the furrows), “press wheels” (presses the plastic down into the furrows), and "closers" (close up the furrows to bury the plastic) fulfill these functions.

Since drip tape are almost always required under the mulch, the tape should be laid manually before the mulch is installed.

Also, wheel extensions are required to straddle the bed so the mulch is not laid in tire tracks.