The Future of Agriculture

No-Till + Cover Crops = Regenerative Farming

Cover Crops and No-Till are the keys to restoring the health and natural biology of the Earth's Soils.


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Gabe Brown, US regenerative farmer & pioneer in the advancement of "No-Till + Cover Crop"

5 Keys to Soil Health:

  • Least amount of mechanical disturbance possible
    • All tillage tools destroy soil structure
    • All tillage reduces water infiltration
    • All tillage reduces organic matter
    • All tillage increases weeds
  • Armor on the Soil
    • Keep the soil covered at all times
  • Diversity of Crop/Cover Crops in rotation
  • Living roots in soil at all times
    • Mycorrhizal fungi live in association with living roots
  • Animal Foraging

Managing Cover Crops Profitably  Free SARE e-Book download

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Cover Crop Benefits

  • Prevents Erosion
  • Improves Soil Structure
  • Increases Organic Matter
  • Suppress Weeds
  • Increases Moisture
  • Adds Nutrients
  • Less Work and Chemicals

Soil Regeneration

The application of cover crops, no-till, diversity and rotation of crops and animal foraging (mob grazing) can regenerate the soil faster than commonly believed.  It is done without inputs of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals and results in higher yields at lower costs.  The same principles apply to the small/market gardener with some additional elements such as flail mowing cover crops and minimal surface tillage for green corps that cannot emerge through a thick mat of plant fiber.

Regenerating the Earth

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Increased Productivity

Many studies and regenerative farmers experience substiantiate the increased productivity, lower costs, less labor and improved carbon content etc.  Yet many farmers (and gardeners) are either ignorant of the benefits or timid in their efforts to transition to a more sustainable and healthier (for humans and the soil) method of food production.  Why?

No-till Pros and Cons 



iGO brings a combined Roller-Crimper-Seeder to the gardening/environmentally conscious gardener.  Choose Roller-Crimper, No-till seeding or both.

No-Till Roller Crimper Seeder

No-Till Seeder

IGO no-till seeder for use with walk behind tractor is one of the few available for the market gardener/home gardener.  Brings the proven benefits of no-till gardening and soil regeneration (in combination with cover crops) to the general gardening community.

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No-Till Vegetable Transplanter

Sponsored by Agricultural Research Service,

Nat. Soil Dynamics Lab

. (Video Link Below)

No-Till Veggie Transplanter

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Organic No-Till

Study funded by Western SARE

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Organic No-Till Veggies

Cover Crop Seed

Cover crops are an essential element of regenerating the carbon content of the soil, enhancing nutrients, reducing soil temp. in summer and increasing moisture absorption capacity.

Cover Crop Seed Mixes

Mycorrhizal Fungi Mix

Mycorrhizal fungi are one of the key elements in helping plants absorb phosphorus and trace minerals; as well as dramatically increasing the water absorbing ability of the plant.

Mycorrhizal Fungi Mix

Organic Bio-Nutrients

Adding bio-nutrients in the form of enzymes, amino-acids, micro-elements, macro-elements, auxins [plant hormones], vitamins, humic acids, fulvic acids, crenic acids, hormone producing substances etc.) enables them to resist disease and develop at an accelerated rate.

Organic Bio-Nutrients