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Sickle Bar Mower 48"(duplex)


Sickle bar mowers have been the usual mechanized tool for mowing hay for over a hundred years.


single-action sickle mowers is offered elsewhere and is OK for occasional use but the “double-action” duplex mowers were developed a few years ago and these units have the upper and lower blade assemblies that both reciprocate opposite each other to cancel out at least 95% of the vibrations.

The double-action bars also come with spring-loaded blade tensioners, which require no adjustments making them extremely easy to service.

They will probably require more maintenance compared to a brush or flail mower but with low clearance and the cutting blade which is greater than the wheel width of the tractor, it makes easier mowing under fences.  Also, cutter bar mowers are simply the most efficient mowers around in terms of time and fuel use. They very efficient and require little power to run.  Sickle mowers should not be run at full engine throttle. Duplex models should not be run over ½ throttle


Requires less power than rotary mowers.

Great for close work under fences, on steep banks.

Height of cut: 1/2" to 2 1/2"

Height adjustment: adjustable skids

Articulation: side to side to follow terrain.

Cutting and Mowing Versatility.

The sickle (cutter) bar is one of the most popular attachments. Ideal for many different tasks, the sickle bar is designed to slice material at its base to leave the cut material intact.  This means there's no flying debris, thrown stones or excessive mulch.

48" Width