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iGO Solar Single Sloped Greenhouse

These innovative greenhouses are based on the hugely successful Chinese 'solar' greenhouses which number in the hundreds of thousands. Dramatically improved in ease and speed of construction,  incorporating the high insulating qualities of insulating blankets/steel clad foam panels, advancements in European double walled Greenhouse membrane technology. and a patent applied for novel method of adding supplemental CO2 from mushroom production which turbocharges plant growth and adds an additional income stream.

These single sloped solar greenhouses are proven in the hundreds of thousands in Northern China where over 90% of the winter vegetables are grown in such greenhouses.

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Main Structure:

  • Galvanized and/or painted steel Tube Material

Covering Material: 

  • Single or double (air inflated) Fog resistant film, which can reduce condensed water from dripping
  • Insulate long-lasting film (10 years or more)
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Usual Uses: 

  • Planting various kinds of vegetable (all season with insulating thermal blanket)
  • Planting various kinds of flowers
  • Seedling cultivation
  • Micro Greens cultivation
  • Mushroom cultivation
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Usual Sizes: 

  • Span 8M, 9M, 10M
  • Bay width: 3M, 4M, 5M
  • Height of drain: 3M, 4M, 5M
  • The span, bay width and the height can be designed according to user's requirements
  • Also, small sizes available for the Householder/Small Grower beginning with 3M x 4M.
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  • Simple, cost effective structure
  • Good thermal insulation performance
  • Can provide all season plant production without supplemental heat
  • Solar powered plant production
  • With dual units (plant and mushroom) augmented CO2 can boost plant production 30+% or more.
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Feature Options : 

  • Heating system (fan heater or water heating)
  • External shading system
  • Internal thermal insulation system
  • Spray
  • Drip irrigation
  • Water curtain fan
  • Automated sensors and controls
  • Wireless sensors monitor temp, humidity, air flow O2 & CO2
  • Quick installation/Perfect for small farmers

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  • Mushroom grow rooms for CO2 enrichment and income
  • Year round production
  • Hydroponics uses only 5% water compared to field crops
  • Higher CO2 levels result in 30-100% greater plant growth
  • Provide significantly increased income from Mushrooms
  • Can be organically certified
  • Single sloped design is proven in use in over one million hectares in China, supplying over 90% of North China’s winter vegetables


Single Slope Type

Single Slope Solar

Economical, mobile system for maximum profitability of all season growing.

Double span

Dual System

Combining the single sloped solar greenhouse for plant production with a contiguous unit on the 'back' side maximizes production with mushroom growing.  CO2 from mushroom growing can increase plant yields 30% or more.


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Multiple units for Southern Slopes

Multiple units built on a South facing slope can maximize utilization/profitability of an otherwise unfavorable or difficult agricultural property.

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Multiple span

'Special Order' Greenhouses

Call to let us know your preferred size and options so we can accurately quote.  Parameters will vary depending upon clients desires, climate, altitude, solar accessories, covers, height, width, thickness and material used for insulating walls, choice of transparent membrane etc.