tiller series


20" wide (50cm) Tiller attachment

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26" wide (65cm)Tiller attachment

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32" wide (80cm) Tiller attachment

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Tillers are the classic workhorse attachment for the walk behind tractor and will leave up to 8” deep worked soil.  Tillers are best used for secondary tillage, seedbed prep, mixing fertilizer and crop residues into the soil (ideally after they have been shredded with a flail mower so long fibers do not wrap around the shaft), shallow weed control and inter-season work.  Caution should be exercised so the soil is not overworked which can bring weed seeds to the surface and mixing which disturbs the soil structure.  A Hiller/furrower accessory can be also be attached behind tillers to make furrows or push soil out for hilling or ridging.  Often tilling is used in combination with the use of the rotary plow for establishing raised seed beds.