Rotary Plow


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Ground Preparation

The rotary plow excels at soil preparation as shown in the Video 1 by Curtis Stone (the Urban Farmer) converting a lawn into a highly profitable market garden.


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Seedbed Creation

The rotary plow is an indispensable tool for maintaining raised seed beds. Video 2 by Curtis Stone shows how the rotary plow throws dirt to the side which is used to create raised seed beds of the usual 30" width.

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Rotary Plow

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This unique attachment is world-renowned for its superior performance, versatility, and easy handling.  The rotary plow accomplishes a multitude of tasks efficiently and effectively. Four spiral blades spin up to 300 RPMs on a vertical shaft, digging effortlessly into all types of soil- including hardened, rock filled dirt that has yet to be broken. Debris is discharged to the right side, allowing the operator to build raised beds with multiple passes. The rotary plow engages the ground up to 12" deep, and can be regulated by a depth of wheel that also provides easy transportation. When building a raised bed on top of already plowed ground (via the rotary plow), you can achieve worked soil depths of 16" - 18". Nearly 3 times the depth a tiller can go!