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4-Season Solar Greenhouses / Mushroom Grow Houses

iGO Tractors / Multifunction Tools /  iGO Cargo Electric Tricycles

Electric-Solar Utility Vehicles / 'Chemical Free' Weed Control Systems

iGO Tractor:  Durable, proven-quality, classic European walk behind design, all-gear drive, automotive-style clutch. World renowned diesel and famous Honda/Kohler/LIfan gasoline engines with shaft-driven accessory implements.  Compatible with most BCS/Grillo type implements. Drives 30+ different accessory attachments to handle most any task.  The cornerstone of the highly productive, successful and profitable market garden.

Huge assortment of BCS (30+) compatible implements to handle most job's on a small farm.

  • tillers, plows, harrows, plastic mulch layers, seeders, potato planters
  • 'Weeder' herbicide-free weed control (Steam/Hot Water)
  • mowers, hay-making tools, reapers,
  • snow removal implements
  • chippers, log splitters, stump grinders
  • power washers, water pumps, sprayer
  • potato harvesters, wood pelletizers, trailer carts
  • Towable Backhoe

Electric Hybrid Utility Vehicles

Full Specifications

A full range of affordably priced electric utility vehicles for Farm, Ranch, Off-Road or Industrial use.  The 'Power Booster' option increases distance to 300 km.  Available as electric only or electric with 'iGO Power Booster' aux. engine/gen in most countries.  This hybrid system boosts power, provides 'unlimited' driving range and charges the battery 'on the go' when needed.  Solar panel charging kits available for 'home base' battery charging with PV panel/controller/battery bank. Experience a cleaner, greener, more economical and sustainable future now.

4-Season Solar Greenhouses

Solar Modular Container Greenhouse  Advanced design light diffusing roofing membrane with 15-20+ yr life.  Modular components, build in a few days, strong, mobile and hail resistant.   Light enough for Urban rooftops and with light diffusing roof greatly reduces the electrical energy and cost compared to typical 'Container' grow systems.  Chris Thoreau in Vancouver explains it all in: 'How to grow MicroGreens in a Greenhouse Container. Perfect for high value, highly profitable, quick return micro-greens. 

Multifunction Tools

Affordably priced and economical to run and maintain the transporter, towable backhoe and mini-excavator are the ultimate multipurpose workhorses.  Transporter models haul 660-1300 lbs.(300-600kg): countless uses for agriculture/fence building/feed transport.  When combined with our 'Weeder' system option of Steam/Hot Water spraying it is the future of sustainable & herbicide free weed control.  The towable backhoe and mini-excavator can trench, pull stumps, grab rocks, auger post-holes and drive posts etc.  All at great value for money prices.

The iGO Cargo Electric 3-Wheel Cargo Bike is the perfect transport solution for large residential, rural, agricultural, commercial or industrial properties. Small, light and powerful, the 3 wheel electric cargo bike makes transporting any load easy and convenient.  600-700kg (1300-1500lb) max capacity with 55km range.  Affordably priced and economical to run and maintain.

Mushroom Grow House

Mushroom Grow Houses  - Growing oyster, shitake and other high-value mushrooms locally can be a powerful profit generator for the small farm; potentially exceeding the income from vegetable production. Modular Climate controlled mushroom houses maintain the critical mushroom growth parameters for maximum yields and can be built in a few days time.  Mushroom bags with selectively bred oyster mushroom varieties begin producing in 10+ days and have complete cropping in 30 days.  User-friendly, low capital costs, no specialist skills needed.

Solar Single Slope Greenhouse

Solar single sloped greenhouse with insulated walls and innovative attached mushroom growing  for CO2 enrichment and up to 30%-50% increase in plant production

"Some of the world's most innovative/advanced tools and highly productive organic food growing systems"