iGO Range Extender

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iGO Power Booster

Main Product Features:

  • Automatically monitors battery voltage and charge
  • Highly efficient, highly reliable multiple poles permanent magnet air cooled motor / low noise/ vibration
  • Auto-starts and stops according to usage demands
  • Adds power (climbing hills) and charges battery as needed
  • Can run vehicle even if battery is discharged
  • Increase vehicle range to 180 miles (300K)
  • Easy to add fuel and continue operation
  • Continuous working system / Drive while charging
  • Full recharging of iGO Cargo Trike within 2.5 hours
iGO Trike with Range Extender

Working Principle of the Power Booster

"converts electric power to hybrid dual power"

The iGO Duo Power Booster Cargo Trike is a battery-powered electric vehicle that includes an optional auxiliary power unit known as a 'Power Booster (PB)'. The key function of the Power Booster is to increase the vehicle's range. Limited range is one of the main barriers to wide spread acceptance and success of electric vehicles, and extending the vehicle's range when the battery is depleted and adding power when needed solves these issues.  The Power Booster can also operate much closer to its most efficient rotational speed.  These design features allow the iGO Power Booster to convert fuel energy to electric power and drive the system very efficiently.

"third energy source for the iGO Cargo"

The amount of energy needed on a daily basis to recharge depleted batteries (assuming no use of the Power Booster and full 50K travel with the Cargo Trike) is 2 kilowatts.  It is possible for many areas to use solar panels with battery storage to accumulate this amount of energy over an average sunny day and 'trickle charge' the Cargo Trike's battery overnight so one can be essentially 'free' of the need for electrical grid usage (and cost) as well as reduce the need for fuel and usage of the Power Booster (and the cost).  IGO also sells such a 'solar charging' package integrated system (Solar panel/battery/charger to use in conjunction with the Trike/Tike with Power Booster for groundbreaking sustainable energy / transportation / hauling.