Solar Charging Kit

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Solar Charging Kit Components

solar panel 1

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Solar Panel

These panels harvest the sunlight energy and convert it to electricity. Adding extra panels adds the amount of electrical energy you can 'harvest' each day.


wind turbine

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Wind Turbine

Wind turbines can also harvest wind energy and convert it to electricity in the right setting. Adding a wind turbine if you live in a windy area can add significant amounts of electrical energy you can 'harvest' each day or night instead of (or in addition to) solar panels.

Wind turbine Features:

1.Rare earth permanent magnet generator

2.small vibration and tiny friction, stable rotation in higher speed

3.streamlined wind turbine body and blade outline design

4.Blades have 2 components, 300w-1kw for high-rigidity FRP materials and blades are dynamic-balanced

5.Noise level below 55dBaround the wind turbine tower

6.state of the art, workmanship and beautiful appearance

7.Use magnetic saturation technology, with 20years designed life;

8.Select high-quality bearing, free to maintenance;

9.Anti-twist device, generator can whirl in each direction

10.Anti strong wind, the blade protects itself automatically,

11.Supply matched controller/inverter, make the system more stable.

Low Noise Residential 600W-1000W Wind Turbine Generator With Easy Installation



Solar charger k

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This electrical device controls the flow of electricity from the solar panels to the battery.  It prevents the batteries from 'over charging'.


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Battery(s) store the electrical energy from the solar panels.  And when needed transfer electrical energy through an 'Inverter' into the Electric Vehicle battery.


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This electrical device converts direct current electrical energy (DC) from the battery into alternating current electrical (AC) which flows through the vehicle 'charger' into the vehicle's battery.