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Empowering Local Production  /  Advancing Food Security

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“People have difficulty realizing that the solution is building a system in which nobody’s fall can drag others down"  Nassim Nicholas Taleb

As most all conscious individuals are aware, climate challenges, severe weather events, torrential rains, floods, droughts, hail storms, frigid polar vortexes etc. potentially may lead to decreased food security for many areas of the world,  Centralize food production and supply requiring large travel distances to reach consumers is the system common in many parts of the developed world.  This long chain is vulnerable to disruption from many causes and distributed local food production has many benefits and few disadvantages.  It increases the food security at the community level and the steady growth of farmers markets and market farmers is proof of the soundness of local food production.  Visit our Resources page to confirm for yourself why this transforms the lives of small farmers.

Innovative Agricultural Tools and Technology

Climate controlled growing in the presence of a grand solar minimum may be an important element in global food security.  iGrowOrganic has developed a modular insulated solar greenhouse that can be combined with a mushroom grow facility which uses the CO2 produced by the mushrooms to turbocharge and increase the plant production in the greenhouse by 30-50%.  Our group hopes the introduction of this and other novel food production systems will promote local production and increased food security.

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We are a small group of individuals who wish to provide the essential tools needed for a successful, profitable small plot intensive production farm.  Through our travels and experience, we have developed some innovative and proven successful solar greenhouse technology for climate controlled growing in harsh and cold climates.  We are confident the advances made in recent years through the efforts of market farming gurus such as Jean-Martin Fortier, Curtis Stone, Eliot Coleman and many others have made possible a new and brighter future for local food production.  We hope to contribute to improved food productivity, efficiency and security with our innovative product offerings.


Our bases are in the Mid-West and West Coast and our products are assembled and distributed from our centrally located warehouse base in Southern Illinois.  Our wide variety of quality components and products are sourced both Nationally and Internationally.

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Seed bed making with rotary plow


"The Future of New Agriculture is Now"

Many of our products and offerings have decades long histories of proven and established durability and utility.  The synergy of the proven established productivity and durability of the two wheel tractor and the long list of newer implements /tools such as the rotary harrow, flair mower, plastic row covers, improved insulating transparent greenhouse membranes, drill powered tilther and quick cut greens harvester that make this a wonderful time to become a market farmer.  Great tools are now available for personal, financial and food security!  We invite you to join our Blog to share your thoughts and ideas.