iGO Cargo Electric Tricycle

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Sale: $1,699.99

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iGO Cargo Electric Tricycle with 'Power Booster'

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The Electric 3-Wheel Cargo Bike is the perfect transport solution for large residential, rural, agricultural, commercial or industrial properties. Small, light and powerful, the 3-wheel electric cargo bike makes transporting any load easy and safe.  Max capacity 1300-1500 lbs  (600-700kg).  300 Km travel distance with 'Power Booster'.

3-wheel Electric Cargo Tricycles:  a Vital  tool for the  'Urban' and market farmer, Labor and time-saving cargo hauling

  • 1300lb to 1500lb (600kg-700kg) payload
  • 35 mile (55 km)range
  • Clean and dependable.  No exhaust fumes
  • Economical to purchase and maintain
  • Will be hard to imagine life without it
  • 1001 Uses
  • NOTE: This electric bike is not suitable for road use. For use in residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial on-site applications strictly.


  • Cargo box:  60" X 40" (1500mm x 1000mm)
  • Max Speed: 18.64 mph (30 km/h)
  • Max load:1300-1500 lbs (600-700kg)
  • Tire Size 2.75-14/16 3.0/4.00-12
  • Battery: 20AH 60/v
  • Controller: 18/24 tube brushless controller
  • Shock absorber: Hydraulic front shock absorber
  • Cargo protecting frame and zippered cover available option
  • Front windscreen and roof available option

iGO Power Booster

The groundbreaking 'Power Booster' engine/generator is available as an option to give virtually unlimited range to the  Cargo 'Power Booster' Tricycle.  Full benefits are detailed on this Page.

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Full specifications and explanation of how the Hybrid Power Booster functions are show on this Page.

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Rigid Windscreen-Roof Option

iGO Cargo Electric Tricycle

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rigid windscreen and roof k

Rain Cover & Metal Frame Option

iGO Cargo Electric Tricycle

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Sale: $129.99

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