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IGO Modular 'Container' Greenhouse


Chris Thoreau of Vancouver Canada has pioneered this form of structure for  urban micro green production.  He has an  on line course and gives lectures on the success and feasibility of this growing business model internationally.  The availability of this model greenhouse has been very limited and iGrowOrganic is proud to introduce this advanced design concept to the USA.


Chris started his microgreen business growing in his living room, progressed to the 'container' greenhouse  and has developed a hugely successful business over the past decade.  He did it the hard way however.  Compare the effort needed for a storage unit conversion with the iGO modular greenhouse.

Benefits include:

  • Modular construction using coated steel clad polystyrene or urethane insulated walls (2-4 inches thick) with 15 year or more life.
  • A few workers can erect the unit in just a few days and it is easily disassembled for movement to another location in the future.
  • Light enough to be installed on many urban rooftops
  • Earthquake and wind resistant using 'earth anchors'
  • Advanced technology insulated polymer transparent roof diffuses light, lasts for 15-20 years and is hail/heavy snow resistant.  Uses keder technology for rapid installation and replacement if needed.

Why this type of greenhouse?

This structure is ideal for rapid implementation in challenging environmental conditions and for rapid set up of growing most types of green veggies including high return microgreens.

  • Can be set up and producing significant income in just a few months
  • Year around growing even in such Northern locations as Vancouver Canada.
  • Transparent light diffusing roof minimizes the need for supplemental LED lighting and reduces costs compared to fully enclosed or indoor system.

The modular greenhouse design allows great flexibility to individual preferences and are available beginning at 8' x 10' and increasing by 10'  increments.  (10', 20', 30' and 40' lengths) . The modular aspect also allows for future extension if desired.