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Mycorrhizal Plant Benefits

iGO Mycorrhizal Fungi  (MF) mixes improve plant growth and health by providing a blend of 15 or more important forms of MF.  These develop a symbiotic relationship with plants, where the MF break down rocks releasing phosphorus and other minerals and making them available to the plant roots.  The increased surface area of the MF also assist with providing more available moisture to the plant roots.  The plants in turn benefit the MF by delivering carbon based carbohydrate/sugars which the MF metabolize.  Plants and their roots grow bigger and more vigorously as a result of this beneficial cooperation.

iGO Mycorrhiza  products also contain Bio stimulants to promote plant growth and plant health.   Beneficial microbes are also added, which improve the plants use of nutrients and compete with pathogens.

Benefits include;

  • Improved water and nutrient uptake
  • Stronger and healthier plants
  • Larger root mass
  • Improved plant health and resistance to stress.
  • Better establishment of plants after planting, transplanting and seeding

Helps Plants Flourish Throughout Their Lives

We always recommend planting with our very own Mycorrhizal Fungi Mix.  The association between the emerging plant rootlets and the Mycorrhizal Fungi is established at the the very beginning of plant growth.  This beneficial cooperation lasts the plant's entire lifetime and helps to create better root systems, resulting in greater vigor, higher resistance to drought and more abundant flowering and seed/leaf production..  Our broad mix of fungi stimulates root growth, creating a large secondary hyphae system which encourages the uptake of nutrients from the soil which are made available to the plant's roots..

  • Twenty mycorrhizal fungi
  • Beneficial soil bacteria
  • Balanced complex of important biostimulants