Utility Trailer


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 Utility trailers

The Utility trailer is great for hauling loads around your property.  You have the option of riding on the seat , or you can walk if the terrain is too rough by off setting the handle bars. The utility trailer option is good for slopes up to around 20%.




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The sulky (also called ‘Mowing sulky’) can be attached to the larger tractors  in the FRONT-PTO MODE .  The operator can then ride during mowing operations, or with any other front-PTO-operated implement, such as a power sweeper, hayrake/tedder, fertilizer spreader, etc. The sulky attaches to two extension-hubs which mount to the the wheel hubs of the tractor. The sulky attaches and detaches from the extension-hubs on the tractor quickly, with 2 quick-pins.  The Mowing sulky does however, have several disadvantages:

  • Backing up with a sulky can lead to 'jack-knifing'.
  • Extension hubs will not attach to hubs with wheel weights nor to most axle extensions.